Story Time

Does anyone else have pieces of jewelry, a rock collection, hand written notes, books, poems or any other mementos that invoke nostalgia of pivotal times in life? This experience feels like to me the intersection where the material world and our soul are intertwined.

I’ve always had an affinity for unusual things and especially jewelry because pieces like this allow me to express a unique quality by its presence alone. And this necklace, every time I wear it takes me back to that special time when I found what I was looking for. In October of 2016, 5 years ago, I was in Nepal on a whim. I landed in Pokhara, a vibrant valley town in the Himalayas, with a friend I’d met in yoga teacher training the month before. We intended to stay in hostels, go trekking, eat, get our butts kicked by the altitude, and go home sometime in the near future…. Date unknown. After just a few days of being there, and after I realized how much it was going to cost to go trekking (way outside of my budget for the week long stints my friend wanted to do), I decided I would find a work trade with a local instead to settle in and soak in a different way of life.

Shortly after I met a soul sister who influenced my life in BIG ways. She was a massage therapist, an elegant soul, a singer/song writer, incredible musician and the most free spirit I’d met to date. I wanted to drink the kool-aid she had her hands on. And in a classic serendipitous way, I’d met her bodywork teacher the day I met her. She assured me his teachings were powerful and had taken her skill and own ability to heal herself to the next level. This was the beginning of my bodywork practitioner journey.

We were both initiated into an old lineage of Himalayan healing by our teacher and having her to practice with helped build my confidence ten fold. Everything seemed to be happening at the right place at the right time.

Many moons later after my whole direction in life changed after that month, I’m sitting here, wearing the necklace that she and I bought for each other during our month long student sisterhood in Nepal. I’m reminded of the precious people and moments that shaped my path and helped me find clarity when all I wanted to do was wander. The necklace is unique, it’s heavy and it grounds me and the colors make me happy. It’s everything that adventure was in Nepal to me, as a token of remembrance and sisterhood that started it all.

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